I have been teaching students of all ages for many years now, and have developed a flexible teaching style that adapts to each student's needs.

I offer one-to-one lessons in the following areas:

  • Music Theory

  • Composition

  • Viola

Regardless of the discipline, I always aim to improve my students' general musical abilities alongside their specific skills. Every musical experience we have feeds into the rest of our music-making, so I make a point of ensuring a deep level of understanding and highlighting intersectional concepts to make every one of my students a better musician.

Music Theory


I am passionate about music theory.


My first aim when teaching music theory is to instil that same passion in my students. Theory can have a reputation for being boring or unnecessary, but I believe there is beauty and value in gaining a better understanding of the music we create and listen to.

I offer theory tuition to students of all abilities, from absolute beginners wanting to take their first musical steps, to experienced musicians wanting to dive deeper.

In addition to general music theory lessons, I also offer specific tutoring for:

  • ABRSM Music Theory Grades, including Grade 5 and going all the way up to Grade 8

  • GCSE and A-Level support

Regardless of the emphasis, my approach to music theory is descriptivist rather than prescriptivist, and I draw on my broad musical knowledge to ensure every student can engage with theory in a meaningful way.



My composition teaching style focuses on finding, enhancing and refining my students' own compositional voices. I firmly believe that students should write the music that interests them and not necessarily adhere to any singular set of conventions.

I am an experienced composer and teacher of composition, who has worked in a wide range of styles and contexts, including:

  • ​Modern Concert Music

  • Western Art Music

  • Pop, Rock & Metal

  • Jazz

  • Soundtracks

This diverse experience has allowed me to have a broad perspective on compositional practice whilst also being familiar with the idiosyncrasies of each of these styles.

Whatever your stage of compositional learning, and whatever type of music you are creating, I can help you to develop your craft.



Under Construction! Please check back later for more information.



Under Construction! Please check back later for more information.