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Composition remains the most important part of my musical life. I am always working on new music, and love collaborating with other people to bring their multimedia projects to life.

On this page you will see updates about some of my current projects, as well as information on a selection of past compositions and projects. If you are interested in commissioning music or collaborating with me, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to leave me a message.

All titles of current and on hiatus projects are working titles, and at any point there may be other works I am involved with which I cannot talk about openly. This page will be updated as soon as I can bring you all new information, though, so keep an eye out!

Rhythms of the Restless City INV.png

Current Project:
Winter Suite

Winter Suite

This piano quartet suite is a deeply personal piece of music to me. Consisting of four movements, it presents a series of cold, lonely landscapes that slowly start to thaw as the first signs of spring begin to appear.

Musically, this feels like a culmination of many of the musical ideas I have been learning, absorbing and developing over recent years. It is surprisingly tonal and melodic, and yet still retains many of the rhythmic and textural complexities that are usually found in my works.

Thematically, it feels like a deep catharsis. Whilst I want the piece to feel poignant and relatable to anyone, it is impossible for me to divorce this music from the context of my transgender identity and my ongoing transition. The emptiness and longing of the early movements have no choice but to eventually give way to a warmer sound that is full of trepidation, yes, but also hope for the future.

The Winter Suite is close to completion. When it is finished, it will be available as a score and parts for performance, and I will also be producing an audio version that will be available through Bandcamp.

Current Project:
My Revolutionary Heart

My Revolutionary Heart

My Revolutionary Heart is an album of progressive rock and metal music that I have been working on since late last year. In many ways it is a follow-up to my 2015 EP Isolosphere, but its focus is very much outward rather than inward.

It is a response to so many recent events, and is full of much of the grief, anger and love that I have felt looking out at the state of the world. I want it to be unapologetically political, queer and anti-capitalist.

This album is a particularly ambitious project for me. There is a lot of writing as well as rehearsing and recording that will need to go into it, so it will be quite a while until it is completed. You hear a brief draft excerpt here.

When completed, My Revolutionary Heart will be available through Bandcamp. Please look out for more information closer to release!

Past/Hiatus Works

Past/Hiatus Works

Included below is a list of some of my past compositions and projects, with a brief description of each. 

2021 (On hiatus): Sci-Fi Soundtrack

A soundtrack for a video game that doesn't exist. Spaced-out, synth-laden textures flow over one another, channelling the vibes of a lonely voyage through space.

2020 (On hiatus): Chiptune Tracks


A small selection of chiptune tracks, slowly growing since 2020. The project began when creating intro and outro themes for my partner's Youtube channel, which you can view here.

2019: Three Modern Wedding Dances

Created as a didactic tool for a dance teacher, these three pieces each exemplify a different type of beat commonly found in song choices for many couples' First Dance.

2018: A Bunch of Songs

A suite of 11 short songs written for a local production of the stage play A Bunch of Amateurs. Each song is a new setting of the lyrics found at the end of many of the scenes.

2018 (On hiatus): Minimalist Collection

A series of emotive pieces, each one featuring minimalist

ideas in one way or another. The first two tracks are available

as Volume One on Bandcamp

2016: MMus Portfolio: On Horror

A collection of compositions all exploring themes of horror in music. Clarity (for Violin, Bb Clarinet, Electric Guitar and Piano) and Kubler-Ross (for Piano and Electric Guitar) both play with the audiences' expectations and perceptions to create unsettling feelings. Four-movement suite Gyo: Tokyo (for String Orchestra) and companion piece Gyo: Okinawa (for String Quartet) are inspired by the eponymous work by Junji Ito, channelling the oppressive and uncomfortable atmosphere the mangaka's illustrations create.

2015: BA Portfolio

Three unrelated compositions. Synchronicity (for double-manual harpsichord) plays with slowly changing polyrhythms, exploring the possibilities created by the two manuals. Starless Nightmare (for Oboe, Bb Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet and Bassoon), deconstructs and recontextualises the haunting main melody of Starless by King Crimson (Bruford, Cross, Fripp, Wetton). Pen & Rifle (for string quartet and rock power trio) explores the dichotomy between the two included ensembles and plays with their social associations.

2015: Isolosphere

A demo EP of progressive rock and metal, taking elements from numerous other genres including jazz, funk, serialism and black metal. You can hear and download the EP on Bandcamp here.

2013-14: 2nd Year Compositions

  • Three Journeys (for Flute, Bb Clarinet and Guitar) is a limited-pitch composition, split into three distinct sections

  • Quiet Battle, Loud War (for three players plus conductor) is a pitchless composition featuring stamps, claps and clicks

  • Restless: Order to Chaos (for Flute, Violin, Viola, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Drums) is an exploration of non-octavating modes whilst also toying with dichotomies of rock vs "classical" music

  • Landscape XII (for Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon) features a concept inspired by serialism, with different pitch groupings available to different instruments at different points in the piece.

  • States of Play is a game piece inspired by the works of Zorn and Xenakis

  • Thread & Needle (for Flute, Oboe, Alto Saxophone & Cello) features continued experimentation with tone rows, this time played against more tonal material, and features explorations of secundal, quartal and quintal harmony.


My earliest released music, created prior to joining university. The two releases are available on Bandcamp here and here.

Commissions & Contact

Commissions & Contact

I am currently open to commissions! Whether it's for a single piece or many pieces, for produced audio or a score for live performance, please get in touch with me using the form and we can discuss what is needed. I generally try and price my commissions according to Musician's Union guidance.

If you are interested in a more collaborative work, then please also get in touch using the same contact form and I'll let you know if I'm interested! I'm always looking for new and exciting projects to work on, and it's always much more fun to work on them with other people.

Your message has been received!

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