I have recently started having some exciting correspondence with an accomplished local string quartet, and after discussions with the members and hearing them live, I am excited to work with them in creating a new suite for string quartet.

The quartet play a wide variety of music and grace numerous venues - from local pubs to churches and theatres. I view their approach as successfully striking a balance between professionalism and being embedded in the local community: populism and artistr...


[Note, 2018: As with all compositions created as part of my university work, On Horror was submitted with a commentary alongside. In this case, my commentary was very extensive! I have reproduced it here in full for two reasons: to give some context to the original composition, as well as revealing what are my mostly unchanged views on the nature of composition. Please enjoy!]

1. Preface – Premise


This portfo...


1) Isolosphere: Prologue

Protagonist: “You’re not the person I thought you were”, 
She said, looking down. 
That was the justification she gave, at least. 
I pleaded with her, of course I did. 
“Don’t make this any harder than it has to be,” 
She replied.

Did the future plans, the goodnight kisses and the 
“I love you”s mean nothing?
Was I just some little plaything for your amusement,
To use and abuse and throw away 
When you had no more use for me?

I thought I saw a tear trickle down your face,


[Note, 2018: As with all compositions created as part of my university work, Isolosphere was submitted with a commentary alongside. I have reproduced this here in full and unedited to offer some insight into my thought processes around the piece.]

For the purposes of this assignment, I wish to be judged primarily on my composition rather than the final mix and recording that appears on the attached CD. From the beginning, I had always intended to include a full score and this is what I would like...

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